Ductless/Ducted Multi Zone Heating & Cooling

Thermal Zone Multi-Zone (ductless/ducted) Comfort Systems can supply any home with a high efficiency, perfectly zoned heating & cooling system. Our mission is to provide you with many years of Comfort that is Affordable, Reliable and Efficient.


Efficiency (SEER):

Energy Star


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Thermal Zone Comfort

Wireless Remote Controls, supplied with every indoor unit, allow you to adjust to a unique temperature in each zone.

Adjustable Louvers permit you to direct the airflow in a way that best suits your needs.

The Turbo Fan feature provides more power to the blower when needed, so that the system can reach your comfort zone faster.

Compact outdoor units can be installed easily, blend in with any landscaping, and are extremely quiet.


With Self Diagnostic Controls, servicing your Thermal Zone ductless system will be quick & simple, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Installation costs are minimal, compared to a traditional ducted system. In addition, because there is little or no duct loss (efficiency lost by moving air through a duct), Thermal Zone Multi Zone systems typically cost less to operate.


Quiet, efficient & durable Compressors are at the heart of every Thermal Zone system. **

After a power outage, the Auto Restart function turns the system back on as soon as power is restored.


Inverter Technology is similar to the accelerator in your car, increasing and decreasing power as needed. Inverter technology dramatically increases comfort and efficiency.

Economy/Sleep Mode allows you to set back the temperature at night or when the room is not occupied.

** Rotary (SMZ18 & SMZ30), Inverter Scroll (SMZ42)

5 year compressor / 1 year on all parts.

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