Thermal Zone - Efficient

Efficiency is measured differently for the various types of products available to heat & cool your home or office. Refer to the glossary in our "For Owners" section for a complete explanation of the ratings.

Thermal Zone comfort systems range in efficiency from 13 SEER single stage models, to 16 SEER single and two stage models.

Thermal Zone gas furnace efficiencies range from 80% AFUE all the way to 96% AFUE.

Thermal Zone indoor furnaces and blowers are available with standard fan motors, as well as ECM and programmable ECM fan motors. Programmable ECM motors allow the blower to modulate itself and adapt to changing conditions.

Thermal Zone - Saving Energy

Many factors can influence the potential savings on your energy consumption, including efficiency rating, lifestyle and having the right-sized system for your home.

When properly selected, higher efficiency Thermal Zone systems give you improved comfort and reduced operating costs. Thermal Zone can help you keep your utility bills low and your comfort levels high.

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