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Dry air can be a problem in almost any home, but it is most common in semi-arid climates and those that require forced air heating during the cooler months of the year. In fact, during the winter months, the combination of cool, outdoor air and forced furnace heat can cause your home to be drier than the Sahara Desert.

If you experience dry air in your home, it’s more than just a nuisance. Air that’s not properly humidified can have serious health and comfort implications.

Evaporative flow-through technology you can trust.

  • Reliability
    - Delivers optimum humidity
    - Flow-through technology provides efficient evaporation; extends water panel life
    - Minimal components for easy care; trouble-free performance

  • Engineered Simplicity®
    - Versatile applications
    - Simple installs in six easy steps
    - Automatic control continually delivers optimum humidity 24/7
    - Simple, annual maintenance

Deliver more with the industry leader - Aprilaire

  • Digital control provides more accuracy and information - exclusively from Aprilaire
  • Delivers proper amounts of humidity and automatically adjusts for changes in temperature or conditions.

Designed for your customer

  • The upgraded Automatic Digital Control provides comprehensive information to the homeowner.
    - Relative humidity percentage
    - When unit needs service
    - When unit needs maintenance
    - When unit is on and operating properly

  • Set-it-and-forget-it control ensures maximum comfort throughout the home - every hour, every day, all season long.
  • The attractive housing color - a light blend of blue and gray creates a subtle presence in the installed environment.
  • Delivers perfectly humidified air to every room of the house, minimizing cold triggers, dry, itchy skin and static shocks.

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